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Following Hard for All that He is

"Following hard" describes the most glorious journey you can have in this life! King David’s words in Psalm 63:8—"My soul follows hard after thee"—reflects what it means to have a relationship with God that thrills the soul, no matter what life throws at you. I’m glad you’re here and pray you will find fresh hope and encouragement for your journey. Join me as we “follow hard” for all that He is!


to access 10 Ways to Follow Hard After God!

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How We Can Give Thanks Even When We Feel Least Like Giving It

  It is a common misconception that I believed for too long: thanksgiving is determined by circumstances. If my circumstances were favorable, then I was thankful. If they were not, then I wasn’t feeling necessarily blessed. Over time, while reading my Bible along with some shocking words from my former pastor, I learned otherwise. The first […]

Why It Just Isn’t Working With Some People

Why We Can’t Seem to Win Have you ever met someone who seemed determined to misunderstand you? Someone that you could not win-over no matter how hard you tried? Do you have someone in your life that seems to be blind to what is good about you? I think we have all come across people who […]

How Misdiagnosing our Problem is our Real Problem

The Misdiagnosis I can be so blind at times, easily missing the forest for the trees. What Christ is teaching me, as I spend this year in the gospels, is how often His perspective differs from mine. What I see as the “problem” really isn’t the “problem” at all! All too often, I am misdiagnosing […]