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Following Hard for All that He is

"Following hard" describes the most glorious journey you can have in this life! King David’s words in Psalm 63:8—"My soul follows hard after thee"—reflects what it means to have a relationship with God that thrills the soul, no matter what life throws at you. I’m glad you’re here and pray you will find fresh hope and encouragement for your journey. Join me as we “follow hard” for all that He is!


to access 10 Ways to Follow Hard After God in 2019!

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The Question That Should Cause Christians to Tremble

Family Responsibility In our home, we made use of a saying as the kids were growing up. Actually, we made use of a LOT of sayings but this one, in particular, was one of the most useful. It helped them evaluate any given situation and their part in it. If they were in the midst […]

Summer Mini-Blogs #1

Summertime Ease Summer always makes me feel the need to adjust my pace. I want to enjoy the opportunity to linger and relax. I bet you do too. This is why I want to offer some of my social media “mini-blogs” for you to enjoy. I know that not all of you are on social […]

2 Truths That Save Us From Striving

Running Hard in the Wrong Direction Because striving comes naturally to me, Acts 9:1 catches me by surprise. Albeit, giving 110% is a pre-requisite for striving, heading in the right direction goes without saying. Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest 2 and asked him for letters […]