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Following Hard for All that He is

"Following hard" describes the most glorious journey you can have in this life! King David’s words in Psalm 63:8—"My soul follows hard after thee"—reflects what it means to have a relationship with God that thrills the soul, no matter what life throws at you. I’m glad you’re here and pray you will find fresh hope and encouragement for your journey. Join me as we “follow hard” for all that He is!


To download your free ebook "Gaining Perspective for Greater Perseverance"!

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Merry Christmas Friends!

Merry Christmas! I wanted to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope that you are soaking up all that God extends to us as we celebrate His Son. I know how challenging it can be to actually savor the reason for the season so, in that effort, I will take […]

The Most Important Christmas Gift This Season

What gift would you give a king? The thought of it is overwhelming. What could a normal person ever hope to give royalty? Or what would a king want to receive that he doesn’t already have? And plenty of, I am sure! In the midst of this maddening quest for the perfect Christmas gift this […]

Humility: Our Measuring Rod as Believers

The Measuring Stick Humility. Some have it. Some don’t. It is utterly profound, even powerful when witnessed. Likewise, it is painfully significant when absent. I have been struck lately with how important humility is to our testimony. In recent conversations with friends going through difficult times, they described a paradox that left them confused- people close to […]

When “Picture Perfect” Doesn’t Make the Best Gift

The Pretty Package Most years our fellowship group from church has a “white elephant” gift exchange. It is such a humorous time as we try to trick one another with the wrappings of our gifts. Some will choose to wrap their packages elaborately while the actual item inside is not at all what one would […]