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Following Hard for All that He is

"Following hard" describes the most glorious journey you can have in this life! King David’s words in Psalm 63:8—"My soul follows hard after thee"—reflects what it means to have a relationship with God that thrills the soul, no matter what life throws at you. I’m glad you’re here and pray you will find fresh hope and encouragement for your journey. Join me as we “follow hard” for all that He is!


to access 10 Ways to Follow Hard After God in 2018!

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Bound & Crippled- Why We Need Jesus to Set Us Free

The Chains That Bind Hi. My name is Gretchen and I’m a grudge-holding, fault finding, over-responsible, jealous, insecure, people-pleasing perfectionist. Oh, did I mention a know-it-all? I’m that too. There’s more I could add to the list but I think you get the gist. Left to myself, I’m a hot mess. Judging by the outside, […]

Spiritual Repercussions- Why It Matters What We Do With Our Salvation

Why the warning? Reading through the Gospels for the last 16 months, it becomes obvious that Jesus warned people as much as He taught them. I think that is significant. Whenever I hear a “warning”, I automatically understand that there will be a cost if I ignore such advice. Therefore, warnings from Jesus imply spiritual […]

I’m on YouTube with Bobbie Schae!

What does God’s faithfulness look like during difficult times? How can we remain faithful? I am so excited to share my interview with the ever-so-beautiful Bobbie Schae. We discussed what God’s faithfulness looks like when you are suffering through difficult trials. She also asked me about how our faithfulness is exercised as we try to endure hardship […]

Hypocrisy- Why Jesus Doesn’t Want Us “Playing the Part” as Christians

What’s the big deal? I find the Word fascinating! As I read, I wonder why Jesus chose to do or say what He did. Nothing about Him was uncalculated or inconsequential. EVERYTHING had a purpose. So when I finish reading some of the “woes” (a primary exclamation of grief Jesus used against the religious leaders) […]